Traveling September 20th - September 30th

Hello there, thank you for visiting my trade post! I am traveling abroad from September 20 - September 30, and am not bringing my laptop. I will not be able to respond to trades at all during this time.

Please feel free to submit trades and put them through on your end without waiting for a response from me, especially if you need them right away to complete a task by the end of the month. I'll send the official trade emails as soon as I get back.

— Amber

Pending (16 cards on hold)

The following cards are currently pending trades. Any trade offers I make are valid for two weeks.

  • Card Shiratori 007 sent on September 02, 2018 · 12 cards on hold

    trading: inwinter08, nepgear02 inwinter08, iwasamecafe14, lightmusicclub20, tsubaki09, elk03, inspring10, rom08, shuzo16, xday04, newleafwinter20, angramainyu11

  • Mastery Rewards sent on September 19, 2018 · 12 cards on hold

    receiving: kirakiracitrus17, azura03, azura06, azura10, jolteon01, jolteon02, jolteon09, jolteon18, jolteon19, librafireemblem07, librafireemblem08, librafireemblem11

  • Selena sent on September 19, 2018 · exchanging 4 cards

    receiving: himariuehara14, himariuehara15, oliviafireemblem14, oliviafireemblem15

    trading: pierre03, pierre04, seiichirouminamoto03, seiichirouminamoto04